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Virtual Marketing Systems Search Tips

Searching can be frustrating. But by following some simple guidelines, your searched can yield the results you seek.

  1. Search fields are not required
    You can leave any or all criteria blank. This allows you the maximum flexibility when searching. You can look for a Dodge, you can look for a car in Atlanta, or you can look for a $2000 car. You can also search for a $2000 Dodge in Atlanta.

  2. Entering no search criteria will display everything
    You will see every ad in the category you selected under the default "For Sale" setting.

    Selecting "Classic" will only return the classic cars, trucks, or farm machinery listed, etc. The same applies for "organic" products.

    "Wanted" will only return products like trucks that people want to buy but not "Wanted" and "Classic", etc.

    With Cars, trucks and farm machinery there are up to 6 different search results possibilities.

  3. Enter only the criteria that matters to you
    Some searches offer city or state as search criteria. Enter these only if you are going to restrict your search to that city or state.

  4. Price Searching
    As it would be impossible to search for an item by the exact price, the AgEmart search engine finds items within 20% of your price, high or low. If you are searching for a tractor and enter a price criteria of $20,000, only tractors priced between $16,000 and $24,000 will be displayed.

    If you experience any problems with searching, please notify the Webmaster.