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Soybean Oil Based CandlesWe are very pleased to offer soybean oil based candles in our store.

The Harvest Lights™ candles are made from one of America's most renewable resources.

Harvest Lights™ are so versatile, they can be used in any room of the house - from the snappy, citrus lemon in the kitchen, to the bold and spicy cinnamon in the dining room to the rich, warm vanilla in the family rroom.

The candles are a truly bright idea of the Indiana Soybean Board. (Harvest Lights™ is a trademark of the Indiana Soybean Board.)

A limited amount of premium edible soybeans are available in 30 KG (66#) bags that can be shipped directly from growers that export to Japan. Please contact by email for more information or call 336 855 8526.

Soybeans belong in the heavens of Cyberspace. One of the most versatile and valuable oilseed crop. Soybeans are used to make everything from Salad Dressing to Crayons. Alternative fuels that power diesel engines are also made from soybeans. Soybeans provide premium oil and an excellent protein source for livestock. It is grown in both the North and South America and originated in China.

Soybeans have a long tradition of serving as a valuable food product for man from tofu to infant formula. If you are a processor that needs special soybean varieties for a specific end use and/or if you are that grower with that special variety, be sure to list to buy/sell in our AgEmart2100 crops component. Use the Vendor directory to list as a value-added processor or equipment manufacturer. (Free)

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