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Create map and text directions to your locally grown products.

List or local locally produced crops

Locally grown products often are high in demand for many people but finding the products is another matter altogether. Our FREE listing should assist producers to be more easily located. If your products are organically certified be sure to state that in your listings.

Halloween Time Any Fruit

Please go to the Marketplace and/or the green "View Ads" or "Place Ads" located below to go directly to the "classifieds" section of Place ad instructions

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  • Search under AgEmart2100
  • Select Horticulture
  • Select the crop
  • Select the city
  • Select the grower
  • Print your map
  • Enjoy fresh locally grown products
Fresh Vegetables

Buyers or sellers can locate each other regardless of the commodity or location with this effective web marketing solution.

If you need assistance with placing an ad, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To Search or to Publish news, research, technical and/or production information about pick your own crops. (Strawberry Plasticulture Advisory)

Home Grown Quality Please contact VMS to sell locally grown and value added products through our secure shop online store. Sand Hill Berries of Pennsylvania offers wonderful jams, jellies and vinaigrettes from home grown berries. Our images can not do justice to the beautiful presentation that will delight you or as a gift to special friends. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

To transport your product to a new location

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