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Virtual Marketing Systems Advertising Tips

There is little to placing an ad. We have designed the system to make placing an ad as intuitive as possible. Please review the guidelines below and please do not hesitant to email with any concerns, problems and/or functionality issues to Webmaster

These tips were designed for Virtual Marketing Systems ads and the same principles generally apply for eventdirectory.com

To get the best results, consider these guidelines when you place an ad:

  1. Registering
    To insure integrity of the system we generally require all information be filled in. You may use "na" to indicate the information asked for is not available or not applicable.

  2. Buy/Sell
    Be sure to specify whether you are selling the item or looking to buy the item.

  3. Browsers
    Certain browsers are able to upload images to be available with your ads. Netscape 3.0 and later should be able to upload images. We understand IE 3.02 and later will upload images with a plug in.

  4. Price
    Price has generally be set up for a precise product for a precise price. However, some products/service do not fit precise pricing. Entering "0" will return "negotiable" or "negotiable/quotable".

  5. Classic
    Some categories, like cars, can be searched looking for "Classics". If your ad is for a classic, be sure to specify such in the ad form.

  6. Years and Miles
    Some categories ask for information such as year or miles. If these fields do not apply, that is you don't know the year of manufacture or miles is not applicable to your item, leave these blank. The search details for your ad will display n/a.

  7. Be honest in your ad
    It is best to accurately describe your item. If there is something wrong with it, state this. If it is in perfect condition, boast this fact.

  8. Ask a reasonable price
    You are more likely to experience success if you ask a reasonable price for your item.

  9. Enter as much information as possible
    This is not the newspaper, so there are no limits on words. Say what you need to say, enter as much information as possible, but don't make it a novel.

  10. Word your ad carefully
    Don't confuse the buyer with too much information but don't say too little either. Say what has to be said, no more, no less. Be creative. Often, ads with "personality" are more successful than dry ads.

    Again, if you experience any problems placing your ad, or if you feel we need to change the way you place an ad, please notify the Webmaster. All comments are welcome! Thanks!