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The high cost of fuel makes the essence of rolling loaded more important than ever. Whether you are a trucker or need products hauled use our Internet application to match loads with haulers. has one of the the best load matching systems on or off the web. Postings are real-time and may be added and/or deleted as needed.

For The Long Haul If you like Bluegrass music you will probably enjoy the album with truckers in mind. For the Long Haul: Songs For the Open Road

Clients that need products transported simply list the requirements that are needed for a particular load by date needed, location and pay rate, etc.

Truckers list the load type, open dates and rates charged to arrange original loads, back haul loads, etc. A quick check of the site by date, location, and/or load type allows truckers and clients to match up loads.

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Trucking Directory

List your company in our directory of truckers/trucking companies with equipment specifications, service areas, and rate charges so potential customers can locate your company by location, services rendered and etc. with a link to your web site for more detailed information. If you need a web site for your company, please contact us at Prices start at $100.

Find Equipment on the Internet Highways

The Buy/Sell Classifieds for the big rigs allows independent truckers and trucking companies to buy/sell the tools of their trade with listings of tractors and trailers. home Classifieds Shop Online Contact Us Resources and Support Site Map