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the staff of life is an Internet application designed for the food and fiber industry.

The tools available are interactive buy/sell classifieds ads, directories and shop on line for many commodities and services.

Our new shop on shop on line store has unlimited capacity to feature products.

Many domains are registered for your present and future use.™ and™ are just a couple of domains that that will enrich your Internet experience with Virtual Marketing Systems, Inc.

Check out the Back 40 or the site map for a sampling of the possibilities.

List any event from an auction to an equine competition in - Local or International!

The domain is simply the most effective medium for locating "pick your own" crops available on line.

Do you need a custom harvester for wheat, hay, silage, grapes, coffee beans? is a great communications tool to locate a harvester and to communicate the likely harvest date. The information is sortable in such a manner that a harvester can actually schedule the harvest path.

Custom Hire is a universal application that may be used for any industry but is particular adapted the agricultural industry. The applications of and Custom Hire allow you to hire or hire out all required machine activities on a farming and/or ranch.

The interactive Farm Machinery and Equipment allows the uploading of images to go with your ads to list to buy/sell the classic collectables to the latest model available.

Value-Added ProductsOur shop on line features value-added premium food products, flowers, and unique craft items. Many more products will be added in the coming months.

The Cape Hatteras Light House that guided sailors through the graveyard of the Atlantic for decades is our symbolic guide for you in cyberspace. Clicking on the light house will always carry you to "home".

For the light side we have the Internet Hams contests.

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