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For locally grown produce utilizes Internet technology for a practical everyday application.

With real time posting of harvest maturity dates by growers and open schedule information from custom harvesters the harvesting of America's bounty of food and fiber could be optimized.

The design structure delivers the results of searches by date, crop, moisture, county, machinery preference, and more for any location. Very easy intuitive design to provide the information you need.

The real advantage is the scheduling by date and area. The site is now set up to a plus or minus 5 days. For example, if you post on the web that you are going to be in western Kansas June 15, then your posting will show up in any search June 10 - June 20 for western Kansas. The same function applies for crop maturity dates.

There are enough listing now in the "harvesters" section that you can begin the see how the site will function by searching by date, location, etc. The functionality will be the same when growers list crops.

To change any information about your crop, schedule or location, simply delete the current posting; login and enter the updated or new information.


  • Unlimited placement of schedule information
  • Real Time placement of Harvest schedule open dates


  • List all your crops
  • Change your ads as often as needed to reflect optimum harvest date
  • Use Mapquest to create maps to your fields

Recommend you read Timely Harvest. It is simply good business to get your crop out of the field at the optimum time.


  • Real Time posting of information
  • Available anytime, anywhere by anybody with Internet Access
  • Easy Internet names and URL addresses to remember
  • Once Contact Information is listed - Simply Login

Producers and harvesters may also start a forum to discuss harvest conditions or communicate with other harvesters and producers in the Forums.

Time to put the separator in gear. This site is like a combine in that you have to put something in the feeder house to get something in the grain tank. The geeks call that Interactive.

Please give us candid feedback! contact

A Bountiful and Safe Harvest to each of You!

Harvest Time Ron Day and Phil McLain

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