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The category of general suppliers relates primarily to seed, fertilizer, and crop protective products. Energy sources are another important component of agriculture production.

Fertilizer, the product that created the green revolution is available in many forms. The lack of adequate fertilizer and lime are often the weak link in the production chain.

a clue for youSeeds refer to every known seed planted in horticulture to row crops. As more intrinsic values are bred into seed for different end products, the decision for producers becomes more difficult to select the optimum seed for their operations. If you are a seed company and do not yet have a web site, AgEmart 2100 can create a website within our VMS, Inc. to feature your seeds. Using our searchable dynamic database directory, customers are able to easily find seeds to buy/sell regardless of the seed type and/or variety. Please click below to feature your unique seed(s) and/or list to feature your seed company.

Crop protection products are necessary to successful guard against yield and crop quality losses. These products help insure our food/fiber supply against quality losses due to insect and stress factors that can result in toxins and insect damage, etc. if not protected.

Energy sources include gas, fuel oil (diesel), propane and natural gas.

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