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For locally grown produce

Specialty equipment relates to the products that are used to produce, harvest, and/or process horticulture products. These products could be high clearance tractors to greenhouse irrigation systems.

Already we have experienced inquiries related to juice processing equipment with a capacity of 50 tons per day from a major client that could not find the equipment.

Major components of horticulture production are the control systems necessary for greenhouse climates to temperature control in long term storage.

Vendors are able to feature precise products to meet the requirements of any client.

When your company and/or products are featured in our directory, one additional client per year pays for the annual listing fee.

Food and fiber manufacturing companies especially need to be listed to maximum their Global client base.

Even if you are already spending a lot on advertising, to assume clients can find your company is just that - An Assumption. Our email inquirers and stats monitoring indicate a lot of interest in our vendor section.

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