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The ornamental horticulture section of AgEmart 2100 is a very comprehensive site where products from bulbs to trees can be listed. Please check out our broad list of categories that will fill the needs of individuals to commercial landscapers. Our site is totally interactive and ads must be posted by respective buyers/sellers.

As a nurserymen you can advertise your plants within our directory year round if you have capacity to supply the plants that are in season whether bulbs, roses, cut flowers and or a variety of shrubs for commercial development.

We intend to feature products of the season such as azaleas in the spring and Christmas trees in the late fall so your potential customers know where to find you. Our directory interface functions very well in allowing participants to locate a supplier of products in a locale that is the nearest to them.

BudsBlooms.comHave flowers sent directly to you easily, economically, and fresh from the nurserymen. Our quality and prices are the best we have seen posted on the web. Shipped directly from nurseries assures freshness and great quality. The Old Rock Flower House belonged to Grandmother who loved flowers.

Horticulture questions via email directly to you! Simply email the question to [email protected] and we will get an answer for you.

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