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Vegetables of AgEmart2100

The starting list of vegetables in AgEmart2100 is a comprehensive one with everything from string beans to pumpkins. Pumpkins are not a classic vegetable in the United States, but are indeed a nutritious, multi-purpose vegetable for table use.

In season, someone will have for sale sweet corn like Silver Queen or if we are really lucky an old favorite Hickory Crane. Of course the newer varieties of sweet corn are delicious too.

String beans, called snaps in some rural communities, are another favorite that are harvested today by modern harvesters, graded and shipped to distant markets very efficiently. This is a typical path to market of all the vegetables contained in our list.

Agronomic, transportation, and distribution technologies have provided most of us a good supply of most vegetables year round. One of the goals of AgEmart2100 is to provide buyers and sellers the opportunity to contract all their needs and supplies. Another function will be to locate/market those hard to find varieties.

If you like tomato sandwiches then be sure to search to find those delicious hydrophonic tomatoes year round. If you are a producers of these tomatoes, be sure to list because a lot of us could eat a tomato sandwich everyday.

Potatoes! everyone loves potatoes both white and sweet year round.

Need we say more about our Vegetable section of AgEmart2100? we are truly blessed to have such a wide variety of vegetables for our families.

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