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ECORN.COM is an easy to remember domain name for serious marketing of corn and corn products using state of the art Internet technology.

Iowa Corn 8198 Buy/Sell Real Time

  • Genetically Modified Corn
  • High Oil Corn
  • Organically Grown Corn
  • Popcorn
  • Silage
  • Sweet Corn (
  • Yellow Field Corn
  • White Corn
The profiles of corn varieties are changing rapidly to supply growing diverse worldwide needs. Feed deficiency locations, specialty products and the growing "high oil" market should find to be of value in matching supplies to needs. Use the AgEmart 2100 database modular to list the corn "product" that you wish to buy/sell and list the unit price per bushel/ton. The unit type can be identified in the specification section. Listings are searchable by

  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Location
  • Price

Bagged white corn is available for milling and yellow corn for feeding deer, squirrels, etc in 50 lb. paper bags. Please contact us for a precise quote or shipping date. You may also call 336 855 8526.

To transport your corn to a new location

If you are a seed supplier, elevator operator, or any other agribusiness company, please be sure to list in our vendor section.

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